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Do you hear what I hear? I hope not.

Did you know my ears ring? All. Day. Long. Imagine a tea kettle battling it out with some cicadas. That's what's in my head. 24/7. I have NO CLUE when it started. When I was taking my intro to audiology class, at age 23, my professor started talking about tinnitus. I went up to him after class and said: "You mean, not everyone hears this all day long?" I had had it so long at that point that it had become my normal. I think that my tinnitus has probably been present since I was a kid. I think it was exacerbated by playing my flute and piccolo very loud in the band with other very loud instruments and from listening to loud music. When you have constant tinnitus, peace does NOT equal quiet. I hate quiet. Not easy when you're an audiologist and in and out of a sound treated booth all day. Patients ask me occasionally if I like to go in there so I don't have to listen to anything. Never. When I have students test me I sit in the booth and close my eyes

Dr. Curtis's Tips for Hearing Aid Success

5 Steps To Success With Your Hearing Aids This June, I will have been an audiologist for 10 years. I’ve worked in various settings – VA hospital, speech and hearing center, hospital, retail, and now my own private practice. I’ve cared for infants, children, working adults, and geriatrics. I’ve seen patients from all walks of life and from opposite financial ends of the spectrum. I have fit A LOT of hearing aids which makes me happy – I am a self-professed hearing aid nerd. I have fit people with their first pair of hearing aids and I have fit those who have been aided for years. My patients have success with their hearing aids – usually. I have brought success to people who have previously given up. For you, I would like to offer my tips to success. Whoever you are, whatever your loss, these steps will give you your best possible outcome.: 1) A comprehensive diagnostic examination by someone who knows what your results mean both independently and in relation to your lifestyle,